Video and Podcasts

As any Bitcoiner knows, the Bitcoin rabbit hole is endless and can take an incredible amount of hours to truly get your bearings. 

To help out new Texans, we've tried to put together the most hyper-efficient Bitcoin content all in one place so that anyone can get up to speed within the least amount of time possible. 

To try to cover all types of learners, we start with Memes to pique your interest, then short form video content to illustrate that Bitcoin is worth the time to investigate it, then end with the most efficient long-form content we've found. We also have gathered Reading materials you can check out if that's your style!

Without further ado, check out the resources below! (Note: these are independent content from various points of view across the internet, we do not endorse all views or stances, nor could we. This is a new space and emerging technology, so many things may be incorrect or misleading) 

Bitcoin Denial

Many people still thoughtlessly dismiss Bitcoin!

The First Guy to Use Gold As Money

The first guy who tried to use Gold as money sure looked crazy!

What is Bitcoin? 

What is Bitcoin? (part 2)

 God Bless Bitcoin - The Movie Trailer

 Bitcoin explained by the Tuttle Twins

A clip of the first full length cartoon explaining Bitcoin! Full cartoon HERE

One Bitcoin is all you Need

With only 21 million, there are not enough Bitcoin for everyone. Let's get as much as possible to Texans!

Taking the Orangepill

A short parody about discovering the Bitcoin Rabbit-hole.  

Bitcoin Mining is coming to Texas!

Bitcoin Mining facilities are being built all over the state - Texas is Bitcoin Country!

Why Bitcoin is Better than Gold
Governor Abbott speaks with Lee Bratcher of the Texas Blockchain Council 
(4 mins)

Governor Abbott highlights the benefits of Bitcoin to Texas innovation.

Why Bitcoin and Not Altcoins (3 mins)

Why Money Converges to One Item (8 mins)

 Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble - Full Documentary (33 mins)

Ted Cruz Fireside Chat with Jimmy Song (30 mins)

Ted Cruz discusses the benefits of Bitcoin to both Texas and the Texas energy grid.

Bitcoin Misconceptions with Preston Pysh and Robert Breedlove

(2 hours)

This video is the most hyper-efficient orangepilling video we've found so far, starts from first principles and goes misconception by misconception through the Bitcoin thesis. It may be too philosophical and slow for some, but if you can stick through it, you'll be about 80% of the way there! 

Hard Money (30 mins)

Great 30 min documentary about how money and the Federal Reserve works.

The Case for Bitcoin with Vijay Boyapati (1 hour)

 BTC002 - a great follow up on the benefits of Bitcoin. 

Robert Breedlove interview with Jeff Booth (1 hour)

The Jeff Both Series of the "What is Money?" show is a very good set of 9 videos. Unfortunately that's too long for most people, but the first episode usually piques enough interest to want to learn more!

Natalie Smolenski presents at the Texas Blockchain Summmit (12 mins)

Natalie Smolenski from the Texas Bitcoin Foundation speaks on where society is historically in terms of currency, and Texas' potential role in the future. 

Exploring the Deeper Truths of Bitcoin (6 mins)

Philosophers grapple with the idea of an incorruptible money and it's psychological effects on human interactions.

Russell Brand explores if Bitcoin can be Banned (8 mins)

Jordan Peterson Discovers Bitcoin (1 hour 30 mins)

As the world's most prominent philosopher, Jordan Peterson discovers the philosophy of Bitcoin in discussion with four Bitcoin thought leaders. Deeply informative, but may be a tad too abstract for some.

John Vallis explores Christianity and Bitcoin (2 hours)

John Vallis and a variety of guests explore meaning, spirituality, and the path to Christianity individuals are discovering through Bitcoin. Rediscovering sound money is causing many to reconsider their own morality and values, these podcasts explore the ideas causing many to explore religion for the very first time. Individuals searching for higher truth tend to gravitate to Bitcoin, which is a very strange emerging phenomenon!

Navigating the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio (45 mins)

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio put together a video of his predictions based on studying markets and the cycles of history. Very thought-provoking ideas that predict a future with the Chinese Yuan at the center of global commerce. However, he fails to consider Bitcoin seriously, and failing to imagine a reserve currency shift without factoring in Bitcoin may have led to the wrong conclusions. Informative nonetheless!

 What Bitcoin Did - The 4th Turning Revisited (1 hour 45 mins)

Interesting ideas about Generational Theory and historical cycles, and where we are in the present moment in history with technological and political cycles.

Jason Lowery discusses Bitcoin for defense (1 hour)

Jason Lowery of the US Space Force discussing how Bitcoin can be used as a Power Projection system that could ensure global peace.

Lawrence Lepard discusses American adoption of Bitcoin (1 hour 30 mins)

Some controversial opinions in this thought-provoking exploration of what America on a Bitcoin standard would look like. 

Lex Fridman discusses the Philosophy of Bitcoin (4 hours)

If you've gotten this far and are a glutton for punishment, this 4 hour podcast goes through the Philosophy of Bitcoin in great detail - great material but a big time commitment!

 That should be enough until we have more Texas-oriented content!

Improvements, feedback and suggestions to the order and selection of content welcome. 


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