Please Sir, Could you Spare some Sats? 

With your donation we can make Texas the global hub for Bitcoin innovation and adoption. Let's turbo-charge the Texas economy for the next century!

Your donation helps us extend our outreach across Texas and spread awareness of Bitcoin to Texans of all kinds. Help us bring honest money to the Lone Star state!

One-Time Gifts

Your one-time gifts help tremendously to power our mission. No amount is too large or too small! Select a donation method below: 


Monthly Giving

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​We can't Orangepill Texas without your generous and ongoing support! One of the most impactful steps you can take is pledging a monthly gift.

Your monthly support provides stability and consistency to our budgets and has a huge impact on our ability to plan ahead!

Each and every one of our monthly donors means a TON to us... thank you for your ongoing support!


Should I donate in Fiat or Bitcoin?

We will gladly accept both! Basically it's a question of when you want us to do the outreach - now, or later! In order to operate right now, we actually prefer fiat donations.

Will you HODL Bitcoin Donations?

We will do our absolute best to Hodl all Bitcoin donations. That said, we DO need to operate.... if we just hodl and do nothing, we wouldn't be much of a non-profit!

We prefer that our donors do the Hodling for us until such time they are ready to give... since we are trying to do the outreach now! We want to do outreach today to accelerate Bitcoin adoption across Texas, not wait around until later on.

We want to front-run the rest of the world, not just wait until Bitcoin has become the obvious global reserve asset!

All that said, we *do* understand the significance of Bitcoin - and won't be selling any unless we absolutely have to.

What is your Tax deductible ID?

Our Tax deductible ID is EIN 88-1859021

Can I give using Corporate Matching Gifts or Corporate Donation Programs?

Of course! Our entity name is "Lets Orangepill Texas Foundation" with EIN 88-1859021.

How Can I offset Capital Gains? Or do Tax-advantaged giving?

You're in Luck!

Fidelity Charitable has a program where you can invest and hodl tax-free... and then donate annually to your favorite charities. (*ahem* Us! *cough cough*)

That said, it's the boilerplate answer... but you have to talk to your own Tax advisor or professional for more accurate details about your own situation.

Reach out to us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help! Shopper?

If you shop on, you can roundup to our charity using Walmart SparkGood. Every bit helps!

Can I donate other things besides money?

Yes! We can accept all sorts of donations like used vehicles, farm equipment, buses, limos etc... even Land! You donate, and we give you a tax-deductible receipt. Just reach out and we'll walk you through it!

Let's spread the word!

Join us in our mission to bring Bitcoin to Texans near and far - we can only make this happen with your help and support. Let's guide Texas forward into generations of prosperity!