If you'd prefer to read about Bitcoin, check out the Articles and Books below: 


Of course we have to start with the 8 page classic from Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the Bitcoin Whitepaper!

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin is another classic article that highlights the history of money and how Bitcoin could be the breakthrough monetary invention.  

The Greatest Game - How Game Theory predicts Bitcoin

Bitcoin will 5x in the next 3 years with or without you

Fidelty's Digital Assets Whitepaper - Fidelity Investments lays out why Bitcoin is First

Texas is Becoming a Bitcoin Mining Haven - How Texas and Bitcoin fit like a glove

To Friends and Family that don't yet own Bitcoin - A letter to loved ones who don't yet understand Bitcoin

Bitcoin Alters Time - A deep philosophical investigation of how Bitcoin impacts the relativity of time

Why Bitcoin's Energy use isn't a problem - Here's Why - Step by step debunk of why Bitcoin energy fears are completely unfounded

Bitcoin Cannot be Banned - Walking through all the techniques of banning Bitcoin and how they all fall short


The Bitcoin Standard is probably the number 1 book to start learning about Bitcoin!

The Sovereign Individual - a snoozefest of a book written in 1998, but highly predictive of what the internet and "cybermoney" would do to society. A slog to get through, but a must read!

Bitcoin: A tale of Bitville discovering Good Money - Probably the only good kid's book on Bitcoin so far, a short picture book graspable by anyone. 

Thank God for Bitcoin - A look at Bitcoin through a Christian lens and how biblical principles apply to a new form of money.

The Creature from Jekyll Island - A long book that examines the initial creation of the Federal Reserve and where our money comes from. A tough book but another must read!


CBDC Tracker - A website dedicated to tracking Central Bank Digital Currencies (Government controlled digital money) initiatives all over the world. Keep an eye on which governments are introducing monitored and controllable money... Bitcoin is the anti-CBDC solution!