Texas is the best place on God's Green Earth - Let's keep it that way!

The Great State of Texas is poised to become the leader in global Bitcoin adoption - help us spread the word so every-day Texans can adopt Bitcoin early before the rest of the world catches on!

Texas is a bastion for freedom, individual liberty, faith, family and responsibility - let's defend Texan values by spreading the principles of sound money all across the Lone Star State.

Let's Orangepill Texas at the Texas Bitcoin Project

Who are We?

The Texas Bitcoin Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading Bitcoin awareness across the wide and wild state of Texas.

Bitcoin is money for the people, to be held by the people... which doesn't do much good if only institutions hold Bitcoin! Our goal is to decentralize adoption out to the people and get Bitcoin into as many Texan hands as possible.

A texan bitcoiner riding a steed

What's the plan?

The plan is to spread Bitcoin awareness across the state, with some good ol' fashioned grass-root initiatives.

Our focus is on education and awareness though real-life visibility on the ground, mainly by distributing Texas Bitcoin decals, lawn signs, magnets, merch, stickers, swag, signage, pamphlets, and more. Coupled with grass-roots outreach at Farmer's Markets and outdoor display advertising, we plan to reach as many Texans as possible - most of which can't be done from behind a screen!

Most importantly, we need word of mouth engagement... we're gonna need your help to spread the word to neighborhoods, church groups, social clubs, communities, and local businesses. With your help we can spread Bitcoin awareness like wildfire!

Why Texas?

Texas is the last embodiment of the American Spirit - As the saying goes, Don't Mess With Texas!

Texans are rugged individuals who honor truth and honesty, preach self-sovereignty, and are ready to fight to defend their Freedoms from any overreaching authority.

What better place for Freedom Money? Texas is primed to become the world's leading Bitcoin citadel - let's help make it happen!

Help us out y'all!

We're gonna need your help to make this happen - as a non-profit we rely primarily on donations from Bitcoiners like you!

With your help, we hope to launch a farmer's market tent in every town across Texas.

The more donations we raise, the more farmer's markets we can plant, and the wider we can spread awareness of Bitcoin!


It's a Long Dusty Trail Ahead....

As all Bitcoiners know, getting people to look into Bitcoin is an uphill battle, but we'll keep fighting the good fight attempting to Orangepill as many friends and neighbors as we can!

If you'd like to volunteer or donate you can contact us, or if you'd like to be kept in the loop you can sign up for our emails below!