Memes Part 4: Game Theory

Game Theory is a predictive science that maps out rules and incentives to and uses them to predict system outcomes. ("How would this play out if it was a game?")

When looking at Bitcoin through the lens of Game Theory you see some very interesting results!

Which is it? China does not control Bitcoin, nor does anyone. China has banned Bitcoin at least 10+ times. 

Banning Bitcoin in your country only slows it down. Bitcoin was designed to withstand all attempts to destroy it. 

Despite the Bitcoin "ban" in China, 20% of global Bitcoin mining still occurs there after being forced underground.

How would you ban plugging in a computer? 

This is a Bitcoin Miner, a Miner is just a specialized computer that does math in order to earn Bitcoin.

This day may come, but the beauty of Bitcoin is that miners can pick up and move their equipment to jurisdictions less hostile to Bitcoin. 

Bitcoiners can be highly nomadic... no one wants to move, but if regulation threatens their wealth, they move to friendlier pastures. Can't regulate the whole world!

Many Chinese Bitcoin miners picked up their entire mining operations and moved them to Texas seeking freedom from tyranny, bringing their expertise, wealth, and jobs with them. Freedom is a beacon!

Instead of banning Bitcoin, the White House has introduced several pieces of legislature to encourage development within the US.

It's a good thing, because Game Theory outlines the prisoner's dilemma that Countries are facing regarding Bitcoin Adoption:

The only winning move for Fiat is to convince every Nation on earth to not buy any Bitcoin. 

If you hadn't heard, both El Salvador and the Central African Republic have officially made Bitcoin Legal Tender!

There are many incentives for Bitcoin adoption within developing nations... if Bitcoin did nothing else and was simply *just* an online payment network, using Bitcoin for international transactions massively reduces the costs of sending money across the globe. 


International remittance fees be gone! You can send as much money as you want anywhere in the world for ~$5, and it will reach it's destination with final settlement within 10 minutes!

Bitcoin is a check on government against abusive financial policies. 

Human fallibility is an eternal political problem. Bitcoin is a monetary system that puts the rules of the game outside the influence of politics!

Despite the rumor, Bitcoin is the OPPOSITE of "one world money" and is NOT the global currency controlled by the World Economic Forum/International Monetary Fund. Those currencies are coming in the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC's) and will be controlled by Nation States and/or the WEF/IMF.

Bitcoin wrecks any plans for a Great Reset by being a money outside the existing system, and totally immune to human control and interference. No one can control Bitcoin!

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC's) are an existential threat to freedom. CBDC's could potentially become the largest mass control systems ever created. 

If you're thinking critically, you should be very skeptical of CBDC's!

Luckily, Bitcoin disrupts any and all globalist plans of centralized control. 


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