Memes Part 6 - Texas is Bitcoin Country


We're at the starting line for a once-in-a-generation financial Gold Rush - are you in the race? 

Which leads us to why we're here...

Texas is the best place on earth - and primed to win in a new global race for which citizens can get the most Bitcoin!

Keep your hands off our finances - Having an independent currency makes Texas a truly independent entity!

Texas' rugged individualism, pioneering spirit, and abundant resources make it the best fit on earth for Bitcoin adoption. Coupled with hard-working, loving, courageous, and honest citizens makes Texas unbeatable for the upcoming Bitcoin Rush! 

This is what a Bitcoin Mining facility looks like. You are looking at rows and rows of computers dunked in immersion cooling liquid baths to keep them from overheating in the Texas heat.

Bitcoin Mining sites are popping up all over Texas. Stranded Energy in hard-to-reach places can now be profitably used to mine Bitcoin. The energy richness of Texas makes it a prime location for Bitcoin Miners!

True Texan Bitcoiners keep their eye on the prize and don't let distractions get in the way. 

If you're looking at the world honestly and acting from a place of love, Bitcoin fits like a glove. In fact, typically the more lies you believe; the less willing you are to embrace Bitcoin. 

Let's beat the Bitcoin Rush and get some in the hands and hearts of every Texan!

Bitcoin embodies the spirit of Texas - just try and take our Bitcoin!

Bitcoin goes hand-in-hand with the Cowboy spirit!

Your Bitcoin can never be seized without providing your encryption key. If you lose your 12 word encryption key, no one can ever get your Bitcoin. Without your 12 words password those coins are lost forever!

All transactions in the Bitcoin are therefore consensual by default - no amount of force or coercion can access your money... as long as your willpower is strong enough!

Bitcoin is Financial Liberty - Reclaim your Liberty by being Financially Sovereign!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the journey!

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