Below are a list of Resources to help with your Bitcoin Journey!


Learning about Bitcoin:

Check out our Learning pages - We've gathered great starter resources for new Texans!

Buying Bitcoin:

Swan Bitcoin - Receive $10 in Bitcoin for signing up, on us! Swan has the easiest interface to buy Bitcoin. 
River Financial - Receive $5 in free Bitcoin for signing up! River has the cheapest fees to buy Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Wallets:

Muun Wallet - An super easy Wallet for iPhone or Android
Blue Wallet - A very simple Wallet for iPhone or Android
Bitcoin Portfolio Planning:
The Nakamoto Portfolio - Great way to run financial scenarios
Bitcoin IRA Planning - Plan scenarios in your Retirement account


Accepting Bitcoin:

Muun Wallet - For barebones way to accept Bitcoin, Muun wallet is the best place to start while you learn how Bitcoin works. - The next easiest way to accept Bitcoin as payment as a business. However, it is non-custodial and you have to pay Nodeless a small fee per each transaction.

BTCPay Server - Once you understand Bitcoin, BTCPay server is the best way to set up your own node to accept Bitcoin. Self-managed entirely!

iBexPay  - Setup to receive Lightning payments


How to Pitch Bitcoin 

Image Files:

 Download all our Logo Files - Feel free to Use! Please use responsibly. 

Spanish Content:

Mi Primer Bitcoin
Estudio Bitcoin