Memes Part 3: Why Bitcoin is Inevitable


Have at it - there is no valid argument against Bitcoin inevitably becoming the global reserve asset. 

Don't believe us though - Research Bitcoin until you can disprove it for yourself!

(Hint: You can't, we've all tried. But don't trust us, verify yourself!)

Bitcoin acts as a blackhole that continually absorbs Fiat investments... it acts as a one-way door that sucks in dollars.

The media uses the most naïve and meritless arguments to attack Bitcoin. Seek the truth and see if you can find the flaws in Bitcoin yourself!

To go to zero, all HODLers on earth would have to abandon Bitcoin... if you've met any Bitcoiners, you'd know that's not very likely!

Bitcoin is backed by the energy of computers doing work in a global arms race. (In order to have earned Bitcoin you need to have done the work. It's called a proof-of-work protocol, get it?) It's a direct conversion of real world energy into concentrated value in cyberspace.

The public accounting ledger in the Bitcoin network means that trust is distributed out to every single node. The entire network must agree on a shared reality of what transactions have occurred, the public ledger is not centralized in one entity or person. A shared and public consensus of valid transactions prevents any mistrust and corruption from sneaking in, because any invalid transactions recorded on the ledger would be rejected by all your nearby peers in the network. 

Essentially all that means is that you can't fudge the numbers or you'll get caught on the next Bitcoin block, which happens around every 10 minutes!

No one is in charge of Bitcoin!

Each Bitcoin wallet has it's own set of keys, sometimes called a seed phrase or 12-word password. Just like a car, if you don't have the keys, you don't really have control of your property. Don't give up your keys!


Don't trust exchanges to hold your bitcoin on your behalf! Be your own bank and hold your own keys to your own wallet. FTX and other exchanges have historically abused the trust of new investors. 

Don't trust anyone with your Bitcoin, self-custody it yourself!

With self-custody there is a lot of circular logic that doesn't make any sense. The beauty of Bitcoin is that you can be your own bank and individually custody your money entirely as one person. Don't rely on trusting others with your money if you don't need to! 

Don't psyche yourself out! There's no rush, but as soon as you have gotten your bearings and feel confident in yourself, it is definitely a good idea to take your Bitcoin off exchanges and self-custody it yourself.

All financial incentives tilt towards Bitcoin, the beauty is that no one has to believe the same as you do. Bitcoin is the only currency on earth that is not based on force or coercion. 

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Everyone on earth has equal access to Bitcoin.

All financial incentives are tilted to protect the Bitcoin network and keep Bitcoin as-is. It is the most stable and secure financial network ever created. 

If there was ever a bug or flaw discovered with Bitcoin, the code could be upgraded to patch the problem relatively quickly. 

In order to upgrade Bitcoin, you need 90% of the network to agree to the proposed change. That threshold is extremely high, which is why there have been relatively few upgrades to Bitcoin in 13 years.

All code changes have been extremely well-vetted by the entire network first!

All attacks on Bitcoin only strengthen the Bitcoin network. Luckily, Bitcoin is neutral; it runs distributed across the network and every line of code is public, transparent, and auditable so nothing nefarious can be snuck into the code. If you have suspicions you can look at the code directly and see how it works yourself!

Bitcoin can't be killed no matter how many times you try.  

AI gets it!

Bitcoin is secured by SHA-256 Encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption protocols ever invented. SHA-256 was invented by the NSA to protect the Pentagon and cannot be "cracked" without having access to the original encryption key. 

IF there was a scenario where Quantum computers are invented in the future, AND following Quantum hacking was then invented, Bitcoin would still be secured relatively easily by upgrading it's encryption with "Quantum Defense".

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