Our Mission

The Texas Bitcoin Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity founded and dedicated to raise Bitcoin awareness across the Great State of Texas. We are powered by donations from Bitcoiners like you, and need your help to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many Texans as possible!

There are many Bitcoinization initiatives, but most initiatives focus on convincing institutions and businesses to hold Bitcoin on their balance sheets. While that strategy is noble and extremely promising, when enacted it will concentrate Bitcoin in centralized wallets, which will then trickle down from the top of hierarchies and spread outwards. 

The Texas Bitcoin Project was founded with a completely different approach in mind. The true power of Bitcoin is that it enables Individuals to be truly sovereign for the first time in history. Our strategy is to flip the model and attempt Bitcoinization bottom-up by reaching individual people, grass-roots style. It is the People's Money, after all!

If we can pique the interest of individual Texans, we may be able to get Bitcoin into the hands of many individuals distributed across the state... and if we're successful, there's a chance we could usher in the next generation of wealth all across the state of Texas!

If we can make the Texas Bitcoin Project a big enough grass-roots awareness movement, we should be able to spread Bitcoin across the state like Wildfire!

Let's make it happen!

With your help we can make Texas the global hub for Bitcoin innovation and adoption, and turbo-charge the Texas economy for the next century!