Memes Part 5: Hodl'em

Just buying and Hodling Bitcoin may sound easy, but it's not... get ready for the psychological effects!

Every day there are new Bitcoiners who are reading The Bitcoin Standard.

It's a strange world down the rabbit hole!

Once you believe that you can store your wealth confidently into the future, your internal time horizon tends to shift dramatically. Many Bitcoiners report a shift from short-term thinking to long-term thinking. Some Hodlers begin to ponder the future beyond their own lifetimes!

Suddenly you have time to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest!

Strangely, many Bitcoiners report a massive change in their personal behavior and a restructuring of their moral compasses. 

Surprisingly, some Bitcoiners seem to be re-examining and exploring Religion... some have begun to investigate deep questions of faith for the very first time.

It is a mental pitfall to put money first and foremost in your life, even with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin offers an honest lens of value to perceive the world through, which comes around full-circle to expose the truth - that money isn't even real.

Who knows... could Bitcoin lay the groundwork for a religious revival? 

When you see the world through the lens of an honest money that cannot be corrupted, you gain new perspective and insight on many topics. 

Fiat currencies have warped many societal incentives that can lead to vast revelations after understanding Bitcoin.

Fixing the money fixes so many bad incentives - an honest money transforms all transactions and all industries, and therefore the world!

Once you realize a $12 lunch today could become $1000+ of future money, many Bitcoiners become more minimalist in order to save for the future. 

If you still have chairs you don't have enough Bitcoin. 

How it Feels:


Getting people to look into Bitcoin can seem near impossible. Don't force it! Just live your best life and lead by example. 

When you gift your friends The Bitcoin Standard:

The standard response from friends and family.  


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