Learning Resources

As any Bitcoiner knows, the Bitcoin rabbit hole is endless and can take an incredible amount of hours to truly get your bearings. 

To help out new Texans, we've tried to put together the most hyper-efficient Bitcoin content all in one place so that anyone can get up to speed within the least amount of time possible. 

To try to cover all types of learners, we start with Memes to pique your interest, then short form content to illustrate that Bitcoin is worth the time to investigate it, then end with the most efficient long-form content we've found. 

Without further ado, check out the resources below! (Note: these are independent content from various points of view across the internet, we do not endorse all views or stances, nor could we. This is a new space and emerging technology, so many things may be incorrect or misleading) 


Video and Podcasts 


That should be all until we get more Texas oriented content!

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